GOTAPATI Offers something that no other brands can or does offer. We believe in providing quality products to our consumers and in order to back up our claim of excellence in quality, we thought of making you, our customers, feel secure enough with your purchase to try it. We aim to generate loyalty with our brand more than sales – So we make sure you’re happy on all accounts!

It’s simple. You don’t like it? we’ll take it back.
To put it in more formal words – Here’s what we offer:

1- You can return the garment if you find any fault even after it’s stitching. You can return the parcel.

2- Customer has to bear return or exchange shipping charges.

3- You can either opt for replacement of the product or FULL CASH BACK while returning – Whichever suits you.

4- If you don’t like it…. then just return it. Whether there is a problem in the design/product or not….. if you’re not happy with it, you can return it.