Reviews and Testimonials

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Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews and Testimonials

Most of us already know what reviews means, in simpler words it’s a direct feedback from our customers who purchased products from Gotapati Brand. Whether those purchases are from the New Arrivals or from our budget deals, there is no better feeling than getting a positive review from the customer. Having been said that Let’s talk a bit in detail about Gotapati’s Reviews, Ratings and Testimonials left by our customers and if you are interested more you can simply click here to visit our complete Facebook Review Section.


Since from the beginning of this Brand, Gotapati’s foundations had been laid as a dedicated Online Store so it could provide services to its customers across the country and should not be limited only to the outlets and specific market areas. When the Brand started in 2016 most of the advertisement was done on Facebook therefore, our main review data hub was automatically established on our Official Facebook Page.

By the passage of time and rapid expansion in design and product range Gotapati started rising in the ratings. Starting from a humble 4.2 rating now we are very proud to announce that our Brand has not only achieved but maintained its 5-Star for more than a year and still maintains the Ratings which makes it undoubtedly the Highest Rated Brand in its Specific Niche and category of Printed Lawn Collection, Printed Embroidered Lawn Collection and other Lawn Dresses Sub-categories.


Why Gotapati is the highest rated Online Brand women’s clothing Brand, to us its Unique Design Philosophy is the Elemental reason making the Brand stand out from the rest. Though There are many other promising Brands with the competing products available in the market but Gotapati has always Excelled the market through its unique Designs, Trendy yet Outstanding Color palettes and Combinations which clearly exhibit the Focus, hard work and attention to the detail involved during the Design Process. Just to put into perspective, to develop one Lawn Collection it involves a lot of Man-hours, Consultancy to many Books and Digital data Collection which is later comprehended into Sophisticated, Elegant and Classic compositions.


A detailed and intricate design can only outshine if it is printed on equally calibrated Printing set-up. To fulfill this need Gotapati has delivered its customer the best product, printed on high end Italian printing machines and its core purpose is to maintain the design quality developed by our design team. Our Printed Lawn suits not only display the wide color spectrum but also the depth, detail and brightness of the color and designs. 



It’s a known design fact that if we want to acquire a vibrant and intricate printed design than this should be printed on the design appropriate fabric base. That’s why Gotapati get its custom fabric developed from the vendors whether it’s woven on Air-Jet or state of the art Sulzer Weaving Machines, quality of the fabric has never been compromised as it plays the pivotal role in the product durability and drape. After the fabric is printed it is applied with Gotapati’s custom fabric finishes which gives its product unique fabric feel, fall and durability to provide its customers the best and practical daily wear product.


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Customer care team of Gotapati makes sure that every Query, complaint or feedback is handled appropriately in the shortest time span possible. Especially in case of any complaints our team makes sure that each complaint is resolved and to make this process smoother higher management takes dedicated interest in this area. Probably, that is the reason that many of our customers appreciate this fact in their positive reviews and there are many other channels available for them to Contact Us! 


Apart from the Quality Product & Best Shopping Experience, Gotapati gives its customer the most Convenient RETURN & EXCHANGE Policy with 100% Cash Back on Returns and free exchange in case a customer wants to replace its placed order with some other more intrigued article. In Addition to all the above mentioned salient features Gotapati Offers its customers Nationwide Free Delivery. So, what are you waiting for! Invest in quality, uniqueness and satisfaction.




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