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Khaddar Collection

Khaddar Collection

Gotapati is distinguished for its Printed Khaddar Collections probably because of the Contemporary style, perfect amalgamation of vibrancy with muted hues and unique motif selection. Sylphlike, polite and jaunty is how we’d describe our Gotapati Khaddar CollectionEmbrace the beauty within you and select pieces that complement your personality. Displaying ethnic splendor while restituting the love for traditional resplendence, the collection will leave you in awe.



Why choose Khaddar is a preference?

Khaddar fabric, is a mid-weight, opaque, airy and lustrous cloth material. Owing to its versatility and Durability, Khaddar clothing is a fashion favorite among the masses in Pakistan. Winter season is here for a fleeting time period therefore most people think it is outrageous to invest in a lot of winter attire.

Khaddar Casual Dresses are pretty easy to style too. Wear a jacket over your outfit if you feel a chilly breeze and if the temperature is moderate the fabric is good to go on its own.

Gotapati’s Khaddar Collection is a class apart and trusted by women all over the Country. The impeccable designs with popping colors are unmatched in pool of other unmemorable collections. The iconic unstitched collection is anticipated by all fashionistas as the designs offer a contemporary flair but with the advantage that the dresses are evergreen. You don’t have to worry about a dress looking ‘last season’ due to the sheer classic sentiments associated with a suit.


Elevate your wardrobe from Gotapati’s Khaddar Collection

Be sure to check out the new Aashna-Linen Collection  from Gotapati that is both readily available on the online store. As per company Policy Shipping is free Nationwide to facilitate our customers. Cash on delivery is available all over the country no matter what city you live in. You can also pay via online banking Channels as well.

Gotapati is making a name in Women's Fashion brands due to the equivalence of design and fabric quality. Be sure to follow our social media handles to get the latest info about launches and sales going on. So what are you waiting for! Your next favorite dress is waiting for you! 


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