HOORAIN Printed Lawn. Chapter-2

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HOORAIN Printed Lawn. Chapter-2

HOORAIN Printed Lawn. Chapter-2

HOORAIN: Digital Printed Collection by GOTAPATI is an Introduction to GOTAPATI’s Design Philosophy, Motif selection and color pallet as this Lawn Collection is Print-Only or you can say “Without Embroidery” collection. All Ensembles in the collection are Unstitched 3 piece lawn dresses 

Although, the present scenario and constant Health concerns due to the Pandemic has already restricted the individual public exposure, get-to-gathers and previously popular public events and occasions the reality is that Routine activities are to be performed and comes the need to a daily Attire. To address this need Gotapati has launched HOORAIN digital printed lawn collection Volume-2 which is an unstitched printed collection with Lawn Dupatta.

and is also the reason why Hoorain Collection has always been the first choice of our female customers as it is not only a  beautiful blend of Contemporary, Ethnic and Geometric motifs fused in Serene Color pallet with harmonized compositions but gives you the required freshness and the positive energy to keep up with the routine job with happiness and joy.

When you don’t know what gona work, Unstitched Suits are always the Best Choice.

 Wondering why unstitched lawn suits are always the best choice? The reason is unstitched lawn not only has  soothing effect because of the colors and enhanced glamor of the designs, while keeping you cool during the scorching heat but they always enhance the confidence and the feel because those are custom fits.

Stay Home, Stay Safe. SHOP ONLINE!
As mentioned earlier, being responsible citizen our prior duty to keep ourselves healthy and contribute minimum to all the activities which can later be the reasons for increase in the pandemic. No Doubt, Sopping in market is one of those. As our responsibility Gotapati offers its Customers a Nation-wide Free Delivery without any limitation of minimum spending limit so all our customers can stay home and safe where all the orders been processed in compliance with all the SOP to at the end of the day you get what you ordered in the Safest possible manner.

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