HOORAIN Printed Lawn. Chapter-1

Ruhma Noor

HOORAIN Printed Lawn. Chapter-1

HOORAIN Printed Lawn. Chapter-1

Gotapati is all about quintessential eastern fashion, simplicity, elegance  and continuously developing its indigenous identity in its printed collections every year and those sequential similarities of design evolution can easily be found in this year’s Show Stopper Hoorain Digital Printed Collection Volume-1. In this Collection every dress is meticulously crafted, designed and curated with these elemental facets of fashion, elegance and Sobriety in mind.

As the year 2021 brings many mixed up feelings and emotions it will not be false to say 2021 depicts the hope, Struggle and life. Hence, the surrounding emotions and feelings are the real inspiration behind the development of HOORAIN VOL-1. Hoorain vol-1 is Digital Printed 3-Piece Collection with Bamber Chiffon Dupatta and Contains eight different Designs which are individually depicting the variations that you can select from a diverse portfolio and customize according to your own style.

Lawn Craze and Preferred Comfort

Lawn is the omnipresent and most adored fabric in summer season in Pakistan. Generally Pakistan is among the countries which majorly experience an extended period of Summer Season Lawn Fabric is the most preferred choice as it’s breathable, comfortable and will be a fact one of the affordable fabric Varieties available. Owing to this fact, women invest in lawn for all sorts of occasions & Casual summer lawn dresses  are the most in demand and to your ease you can get the most exquisite, enthralling unstitched dresses from Gotapati’s wide range of designs in its Summer Collection with the starting price of just 2,850/-

No second Thoughts, it’s a Win-Win!
Gotapati is Pakistan's one of the Highest rated Brand with a lot Happy Customer base all across Pakistan. So, don’t get carried away by the second thoughts about the dresses being overpriced. Ok it’s definitely need a little explanation than: Fabric Quality of Hoorain vol-1 and all other Collections are Premium and custom developed. If we just talk about the LAWN its Premium 8080 8484 lawn with ONION PEEL FINISH which is custom developed by our team members to keep the fabric light weight, smooth and breathable. Apart from the quality product Gotapati gives its customer the most Convenient Return & Exchange Policy with 100% Cash Back and Free Return. So what are you waiting for! Invest in quality and satisfaction place your order and in case of any doubts see it for yourself. In case of any problem or query feel free to contact us on our Helplines we will be more than happy to assist you. So, this summer ‘Be the Gotapati’ with our newly launched HOORAIN Volume-1, Unstitched Summer Collection to bring out your inner beauty.

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